The Pea Pesto Pappardelle Recipe For You

The Pea Pesto Pappardelle Recipe For You

The Pea Pesto Pappardelle Recipe For You

This is the dish you can’t get over that easy. In case you are looking for a springy pasta than this pea pesto pappardelle is for you. This is a super dish that has peas in pesto. It gives it a nice consistency and texture of flavor. To bring out its flavor, you can also add some herbs that will make it more delicious. The best part about this dish is that you can use different types of pasta in this pea pesto pappardelle. You can easily make this at home with any issue. Its recipe is easy and rapid. And you can enjoy it with your friends and family.


Pea Pesto Pappardelle Recipe

Making this recipe is not a very time-consuming task. It would only take about 10 minutes of preparation time and 15 minutes total to make his delicious pea pesto pappardelle. If you want to make it but you don’t know the recipe, then no need to worry here. We have a pea pesto pappardelle recipe for you. You simply need to follow the recipe, and your pasta feast is ready to serve.

Ingredients Required To Make This Pasta Dish

For serving four people, you need to take:

One package of pappardelle pasta.

One asparagus bunch and cut it into 1 ½ inch.

Two fresh Spanish leaves

Clove garlic chopped. You can take two.

One-fourth cup of chopped basil leaves.

Mint chopped as per your taste.

Half cup of unsalted pistachio

Parmesan cheese about a half cup, or you can take as per your tastes.

Salt, pepper, and red pepper.

Half a cup of new lime extract.

Olive oil.

Directions To Make This Dish


First, you need to wash your pasta with plain water. ( Simply drain and return pasta to your bowl)

Now take a pan and dazzle with oil.

Mix all the ingredients like peas, basil, mint, and other ingredients as well.

Wait for about 10 minutes so that all the ingredients can mix well.

After this, put your pasta into the pan with all ingredients.

And cover it with a lid.

After a few minutes, open your lid and check your pasta is cook or not.

You will see that your pasta will be creamy and smooth.

And your delicious pasta recipe is ready to serve.

You can simply take it out from the pan to a serving plate.

For garnishing, you can use basil leaves. It will make your dish look tempting.

About: Pea Pesto Pappardelle

This is an amazing dish, and you can easily make it in 15 to 20 minutes without any hassle. The process of making this dish is very simple and easy. If you are in the mood of eating something nice and light, then this recipe is for you. You can easily enjoy it with your friends and family in no time. You will get a creamy and smooth texture of pasta, which has peas and herbs. For tangy taste, you have fresh ingredients infused with pasta and give it an amazing taste.

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