The Benefits Of Ginger For Osteoarthritis


The benefits of ginger are known in a myriad of situations. Ginger is known to relieve the pain of migraines. It also helps reduce menstrual cramps. Furthermore, several other uses of ginger show up throughout history. Osteoarthritis is of the bones. It causes chronic pain and disability. Many recent studies are trying to show whether ginger can help with osteoarthritis pain. The first major study in this concluded in 2000. It was conducted over three weeks and showed no significant effects. However, more studies since then have studied the subject and the several and on-going. The findings overtime show substantial change.

The Benefits of Ginger for Osteoarthritis
The Benefits of Ginger for Osteoarthritis

Benefits of Ginger

Osteoarthritis is a widespread skeletal disorder. The most popular medicine used to treat osteoarthritis pain is Ibuprofen. However, drugs like Ibuprofen cause serious cardiovascular (lungs and heart) and gastrointestinal problems. Most of the users got heart diseases, respiratory issues, and significant injuries in their small intestine walls. So, the people took other medicines that help with these side-effects

Drugs like Ibuprofen considerably impair the ability of our stomach linings to protect against acids produced for digestion. Therefore, this damages the stomach lining. However, a way to combat this is to take an additional drug that blocks acid production.

Ginger has a history of use as an anti-inflammatory agent in ancient Chinese medicine. Further, an ancient Chinese study shows that men with inflamed testicles used ginger slices to cover the affected area. This procedure cured their inflammation and relieved their pain. Ginger also has other properties like anti-oxidant and anti-ulcer that means that the medical side effects of drugs like Ibuprofen do not happen.

On the contrary, ginger is helpful for the stomach and digestion. Also, some other recent studies performed in Universities in Athens, Greece, and Georgia, USA, show that having ginger slices can help with muscle cramps that happen due to exercising. Furthermore, ginger combats inflammation at a cellular level. It suppresses leukotrienes and other genes that make it more effective than other chemical pain killers.

Ginger is also known to help with vomiting and nausea caused due to chemotherapy.

The Benefits of Ginger for Osteoarthritis
The Benefits of Ginger for Osteoarthritis

Next Step

Most people, from doctors to patients, still depend on pain reliever drugs to help with arthritis pain. However, it might be useful to educate yourself on natural alternatives to help you with it.

Ginger is available now in several forms like powder, capsule. Hence, with its many benefits, it should slowly start to become more popular as a valid option to help patients suffering from osteoarthritis. It will reduce the pain and swelling, and unlike, has no heart, lung, and digestive side effects. Furthermore, it helps with digestion, cures cold, and other several other diseases. Ginger also has a long term effect as opposed to pain killers that have a more immediate and temporary solution.

More research is going on to understand the extent of the benefits of ginger for osteoarthritis patients and others. Therefore, we can only hope more and more such benefits come to light, and it replaces chemical-laden drugs that do more harm than good.

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