Silicone Egg Mold Pan Fry Molder -

Silicone Egg Mold Pan Fry Molder

Silicone Egg Mold Pan Fry Molder

Use this silicone egg mold in frying your breakfast at home. Have a perfectly round shape for your eggs or pancakes. Moreover, the whole family will surely love it. Especially the kids that will take time and effort in preparing every morning for it. Eating this meal can give you that needed energy for the day ahead. Hence, start your day the right way by eating a healthy and delicious breakfast. And of course, use this silicone egg mold to have the correct portions every time you fry it on the pan. Research has proved that eating right and having sweets, release happy hormones in our body. The four hormones are dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Furthermore, eggs are a must for baking and making cakes as well as pastry.

Features Of Silicone Egg Mold Pan Fry Molder

  • This utensil allows you to cook a perfectly round shape fried eggs or pancakes.
  • Safe and easy to use, since it has a handle that can prevent your hands from burning.
  • Suitable for frying breakfast food like eggs, pancakes, and omelets.
  • Material: silicone / Weight: 40g.
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.5cm.
Silicone Egg Mold Pan Fry Molder
Silicone Egg Mold Pan Fry Molder


Useful and Functional Cooking Tool

Frying eggs in a pan can be challenging at times. The egg white spreads on the pan and takes a lot of space on it, leaving no place for another egg. This silicone molder can help you save time and effort in cooking. By using a frying pan with a bigger diameter, you can cook 2 to 3 eggs at a time with the help of this molder.

Moreover, you can control the spread of the egg and contain it in this molder. It saves you a lot of time. Now, you and your family can enjoy breakfast in minimum time.

Easy to Use and Clean

This silicone molder is easy to use at your convenience. Just place it on your frying pan and put your uncooked food inside it. Moreover, it has a foldable handle so you can set and remove it safely without burning your hands. This is perfect for frying pancakes, omelets, and a fried egg or sunny-side-up egg. Enjoy molding it here so you can have equal portions to eat. Furthermore, it’s more presentable to serve your food if it has a perfect shape. Cleaning this utensil is also easy since it is made of silicone material. The food you cook with it will not stick.

Food preparations will not take a long time if you have the right kind of things in your kitchen. So, whether you like cooking or not, you can make easy and tasty items if you have the right sort of utensils in your kitchen. Hence, if you want to make fresh hot pancakes for your breakfast, it will only take you fifteen minutes. Moreover, you can get cereals readily available in any of the shops. And a warm glass of milk will set the right combination for your breakfast. Many people think making pancakes is difficult, and that it will take up all your time. Well, if you think so, then you are wrong.

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