Nutrients Essential For The Growth Of Our Body


Nutrients are a very important part of our diet. Hence one survives on these nutrients. They are perfect for the proper growth of your body. Though they are of different type of nutrients which help in the appropriate growth of our different body part.

Though some nutrients are essential for the physical growth of an organism, these should be taken from the daily diet as per the requirement. Here are the types of nutrients.

Nutrients Essential For The Growth Of Our Body
Nutrients Essential For The Growth Of Our Body

Types Of Nutrients

Hence nutrients can be divided into two type’s i.e.

Macro Nutrients

The macronutrient is required in the large quantity as the help in the proper growth of the body.  They are


Carbohydrate comes under the category of macronutrients. They are the source of instant energy in the body. The primary unit if this nutrient is monosaccharide. A primary monosaccharide is a glucose or sugar.

Though extra intake of carbohydrate may cause an increase in weight gain. Although they are essential though should be taken in a balanced way.

 The food items that contain carbohydrates are:






Fruits and sweets.


Protein comes under the category of macronutrients. They can be termed as the building block of our body. As the cell of our body needs protein for the proper structural growth.

Their essential function is the formation of tissues.   Proteins are the basic unit for muscle formation. Therefore the bodybuilder takes a lot of protein in their diet though this intake of protein increases the muscle formation in the body.

Nutrients Essential For The Growth Of Our Body
Nutrients Essential For The Growth Of Our Body

 The food with the right amount of protein is






 Fat is also called lipids. They are the storehouse of our body. Fats store energy in them. They are the combination of long chains of carbon and hydrogen. This combination forms the chemical bond, which helps in storing energy.

Although fat is important for other functions also like it protect cells and send a message in the form of hormones in our body. Food rich in fat is

Oil and


Micro Nutrients

Micronutrients are required in the small quantity. These can be further divided into two categories. These are


 The basic unit of vitamins is carbon. These are the nutrient which consists of carbon molecules. They are water-soluble or fat-soluble, that is why they can be processed quickly by over body.

The speed of the process of these nutrients can be changed by heat, oxygen, light, and chemical processes. Although the amount of this nutrient can be affected by the following reason laid cooking, storage, growing methods, and processing.


These are the part of micronutrients. They are stable and do not contain carbon. Though they do not lose their quality quickly. Therefore process like heat and light do not put any effect on them.

They possess the most straightforward chemical formation. Although they are required in less amount but are essential for the body, they are found in the bones, soil, seashells, and cast iron post. The amount of minerals is based on the soil and plantation methods.

Nutrients Essential For The Growth Of Our Body
Nutrients Essential For The Growth Of Our Body
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