Enjoy Your Fruits Longer with This Fruit Dehydrator Multi-layer Machine


This year alone, how many fruits and vegetables have you thrown away after getting spoiled? If you can even barely calculate how much food you have wasted due to spoilage, it might be the right time to start learning the art of dehydrating food. This fruit dehydrator multi-layer machine can help you do just that. Moreover, you can do a big batch if you want.

If you have a problem with meat spoilage too, you can use a good fruit dehydrator to resolve it. The transition is easy because you merely need to adjust the machine to the right temperature setting for the dehydration to have the results you intend to get for meat and seafood.

Fruit Dehydrator Multi-layer Machine

Enjoy Your Fruits Longer with This Fruit Dehydrator Multi-layer Machine
Enjoy Your Fruits Longer with This Fruit Dehydrator Multi-layer Machine

A fruit dehydrator removes the moisture from fruits by directing heat towards them. The same thing goes with vegetables, tea leaves, meat, and seafood. Since fruits are made up of around 50% water, they spoil quickly after they go ripe. But you can use this fruit dehydrator to preserve them and enjoy them longer without worrying about them going bad and hurting your tummy.


Getting this fruit dehydrator multi-layer machine means enjoying the following features:

  • Dries not only fruits but also vegetables, seafood, and meat
  • Works with low noise
  • Designed to be a heavy-duty fruit dehydrator
  • Electric-powered
  • Comes with a 24-hour timer function
  • Has an adjustable temperature setting ranging from 30 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel 
  • Has different plug types – EU, US, UK, and AU
  • Has different voltage variants – 110V and 220V
  • 8-layer machine measures 33 x 30 x 36 cm  and uses 360W
  • 10-layer machine measures 40 x 46.5 x 43 cm and uses 800W
  • 12-layer machine measures 40 x 47 x47 cm and uses 800W
  • 16-layer machine measures 51 x 52 x 52cm and uses 1000W
  • 20-layer machine measures 42 x 52 x 1 cm and uses 1200W

Why Use This Fruit Dehydrator

Investing in this fruit dehydrator multi-layer machine is going to be worth it because of these benefits.

  • Extend the food’s shelf life. You can put leftover fruits and vegetables and even seafood and meat in the dehydrator so you can prevent them from getting spoiled for two years. This is how amazing this machine is. If you have a big enough vegetable or herb garden, you don’t have to be worried about planting and harvesting more because you won’t be wasting them anyway. You can dry them up and keep using them for years. Moreover, you can use the dehydrator to preserve fruits or veggies in season if you buy them in bulk.
  • Enjoy the improved taste of dehydrated food. The dehydration process creates a natural and rich taste in food because the machine is set at a low heating temperature. It also retains the quality and freshness of the food even if you only use them months later.
  • Eat dehydrated food with preserved flavor and nutritional content. Dehydrating food helps it retain its natural fiber, minerals, and other nutrients more than cooking or steaming it.
  • Save money. Dehydrated food is usually expensive, but you can buy this fruit dehydrator and buy fruits and vegetables in season, then start dehydrating a huge batch of food. You’ll have your own pantry full of these delicious foods so you can reduce your food expenses in the long run.
Enjoy Your Fruits Longer with This Fruit Dehydrator Multi-layer Machine
Enjoy Your Fruits Longer with This Fruit Dehydrator Multi-layer Machine
  • Precision drying. You have absolute control over the temperature setting of the fruit dehydrator at which you want to dehydrate your food because it has a thermostat with settings of 30 to 90 degrees Celsius. Because of these low-temperature settings, dehydrated food is still considered as raw food with their preserved enzymes and living nutrients.
  • Easy to use. Just slice the food, put it in the trays, set the timer, then wait for the process to finish.
  • Efficient storage. Dehydrated foods occupy less than 1/6th of the original space they would have needed in their natural form. Make sure to pack them in tightly sealed containers or canning jars so you won’t run the risk of spoiling them.
  • Safe preservation. It reduces the risk of attracting bacteria or getting spoiled because the food no longer has water in it after the dehydration process.

Buy your own fruit dehydrator multi-layer machine now then start enjoying well-preserved foods. Order one online so you can appreciate these benefits of food dehydration.

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