Eat These 10 Foods That Pack More Potassium Than Bananas

Eat These 10 Foods That Pack More Potassium Than Bananas

Potassium pumps the body up with electrolytes and an essential mineral. It is responsible for facilitating nutrient distribution throughout the body into the cells, maintain healthy blood pressure, and promote better muscle and nerve function. The human body needs 4,700 mg of potassium to do all these, but most people don’t reach that recommended amount of adequate intake (AI). Bananas are good sources of potassium because they contain around 422 mg of this mineral. However, there are a few other fruits that pack more potassium than the said fruit.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Unlike banana’s 422 mg of potassium, sweet potatoes have 541 mg of the said mineral. They are also an excellent addition to your healthy diet because they are loaded with protein, but low in fat and they serve as excellent sources of fiber and complex carbs.

Eat These 10 Foods That Pack More Potassium Than Bananas
Eat These 10 Foods That Pack More Potassium Than Bananas

2. Watermelon

This watery, sweet fruit contains 640 mg of potassium. Watermelon also provides protein, fiber, low-fat nutrition, magnesium, and vitamins A and C.

3. Avocado

Avocado has been making a name for healthy dieters because of its good fats. It is also rich in folate and vitamin K and contains 487 mg of potassium. Eating a whole fruit means consuming 20% of the recommended AI of potassium daily. Avocados are not only hailed for their nature to pack more potassium than a banana, but they are also beneficial in maintaining healthy blood pressure because of their potassium-rich content but low-sodium nature.

4. Coconut Water

Not only does coconut water hydrate you, but it also provides vital electrolytes that keep cells hydrated and comes with natural sugars that are excellent sources of energy during an intense workout. It contains 600 mg of potassium as well as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Drink it chilled after an exercise.

5. Tomato Paste

Around three tablespoons or roughly 50 grams of tomato paste provides 486 mg of potassium. It is also rich in lycopene and vitamin C. Add it to your dishes but make sure to avoid ones with additives, added sugars or preservatives. Try looking up more dishes that need tomato paste to take advantage of being able to pack more potassium than a banana.

6. Potatoes

Starchy potatoes contain 515 mg of potassium. A study even hails it as one of the best fruits that pack more potassium because baking a small potato means getting 738 mg of potassium. Just don’t keep eating your potato as fries. Try to bake them, too.

7. Butternut Squash

Butternut squash qualifies as a fruit, but it usually gets treated as a root vegetable when cooking it. It contains 582 mg of potassium. Make sure to add more of it in your cooking because it also comes with lots of vitamins A and C, as well as a sprinkling of vitamin E, B vitamins, and magnesium. Eat butternut squash steamed, boiled, chopped, or roasted.

8. Dried Apricots

If you have always loved dried fruits, here’s one excuse to eat more dried apricots – it is loaded with 488 mg. This means that it is one of the best fruits to pack more potassium than bananas.

9. Pomegranate

Eating a whole pomegranate, which is usually around the size of an average orange, can give you 666 mg of potassium. It also packs more protein than other fruits, which is around 4.7 mg of it. They also provide fiber and vitamins C and K.

Eat These 10 Foods That Pack More Potassium Than Bananas
Eat These 10 Foods That Pack More Potassium Than Bananas

10. White Beans

You can get 829 mg of potassium from a single cup of cooked white beans. It also provides vegan protein and iron, which is all the more reason to eat more cannellini beans, navy beans, and lima beans.

These fruits contain more potassium than bananas. Eat a variety of them daily and get enough potassium.

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