Easy Tomato Basil Omelet, Let Us Dig Into The Recipe 

The tomato basil omelet recipe is one of the easy recipes. However, it is one of the nutrition-packed methods which you can prepare for an everyday breakfast option. Eating healthy and beginning your day with a bam is becoming necessary day by day. This hard and fast life is the reason.

Moreover, once a scholar said that one must eat breakfast like a king. Therefore a healthy platter of breakfast is a must to juice up the entire day. Furthermore, it is a healthy habit. Skipping breakfast is a terrible idea to incorporate. Therefore we are here with an amazing recipe idea. It is a healthy recipe.

Moreover, the taste element will make you grab its bite every day. Thus without any further wasting time, let us get into the topic-

Easy Tomato Basil Omelet, Let Us Dig Into The Recipe 
Easy Tomato Basil Omelet, Let Us Dig Into The Recipe 

Tomato Basil Omelet: The Ingredients Which You Must Have To Prepare This Dish-

Ingredients are the part that decides the nutritional value of the food. Therefore chose the ingredient which not only offers a taste. However, they should also offer ample health benefits. Thus without any further wait, let us take a look at the sorted ingredients for this yummy yet healthy one-

Take one cup of snickels of raw almond.

After that take one clove of garlic

After that take half of the lemon juice

Then take a one-eighth teaspoon of pure organic whiter pepper

After that take 3 large eggs

After that take one teaspoon of basil leaves

After that take a half tablespoon of natural nutritional yeast

Then take a half tablespoon of olive oil

After that take six cherry tomatoes

Additionally, add half tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

Besides, you need to take the apt amount of salt and pepper.

Well, this is the end of the ingredient list. Now, let us take a detailed look at the preparation process. Therefore let us get into the direction methods-

Easy Tomato Basil Omelet, Let Us Dig Into The Recipe 
Easy Tomato Basil Omelet, Let Us Dig Into The Recipe 

Tomato Basil Omelet Recipe Directions To Prepare The Dish:

The first and foremost step is you need to make a mixture with the almonds. Hence, keep the almond soaked all nigh the night before you make this omelet. Take around 4 cups of water. After that, the very next morning strain down the almond. After that, place the drained almond in a blender. Then add some lemon juice, garlic clove along with one-fourth cup of water. 

Mix all the ingredients until they give you a smooth and dense mixture. However, if you feel that the mixture is a bit dry, add some extra water then.

After that, in a middle-sized bowl, whish the eggs along with white pepper, nutritional yeast, basil. Then, take a pan and heat the olive oil. Add the cherry tomatoes and the vinegar; try cooking till the tomatoes turn soft. Transfer the tomatoes from the pan to some separate bowl. 

After that, heat the pan once again and heat the olive oil once again. Place the egg mixture. However, make sure to cook evenly. Once the egg settles down, place the fried tomatoes. Then you add the almond paste too. Afterwards, fold the remaining side of the omelet over the other end. Then serve. 

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