Diet Traps- 3 Common Health Foods: Healthy Or Harmful?


There are many food items that appear to be healthy but are not. These items are also known as diet traps. It is very much possible that you would have heard about their health benefits and how they can help you. But the truth is they are nothing but diet traps. They are not at all as healthy as you think them to be. Here we look at such food items which are more of diet traps.

The First Diet Traps: Guacamole

We all have heard of all the benefits that avocado has to provide. It helps us in getting healthy fats and also provides us with other benefits. But most of us are not aware of the truth about the volume which comes with. When you look at the average serving size, you will find that it has about 60 calories in it, which means around 5-7 grams of fat. And now if you compare it with what you get on the right serving side, you will be consuming about 240 calories. This means that with one serving side of Guacamole, you are taking in around 20 grams of fat. Though yes they are healthy fats, still they are high in calories and will not be keeping you healthy. So if you want it in your diet, it would be better if you prepare it yourself according to your requirements.

What About Sushi?

Diet Traps- 3 Common Health Foods: Healthy or Harmful?
Diet Traps- 3 Common Health Foods: Healthy or Harmful?

Sushi is one dish that is a favorite for many. Many people are aware of the health benefits of fish. But the truth is most of us eat sushi with rice, which makes up for an unhealthy combination. You do not know the number of carbohydrates you will be consuming with it. Sushi is usually made of white rice, which makes it extremely unhealthy. And if you are thinking of maintaining your diet, then you better stay away from the same.

When it comes to an average sushi piece, the rice contains about 70% of the calories present in the same. And the number is enormous if we talk about a sushi roll. This is too much of rice for you to consume. And if you want to stay healthy, it is better for you to eat fish or not to eat sushi at all. Apart from the rice, the sauces along with the sushi, also have a lot of sugar in them, which further increases the number of calories.

The Most Healthy Diet Trap

Diet Traps- 3 Common Health Foods: Healthy or Harmful?
Diet Traps- 3 Common Health Foods: Healthy or Harmful?

There is a significant myth around orange juice that it is incredibly healthy. Here we are talking about all the processed fruit juices which are available in the market. Though many are aware that it contains a lot of sugar in it, most are unaware of the health factor of the same. People think that the organic juices which are not made of concentrated syrups are healthier. But the truth is they are not. Though they are not made from sugar concentrates, they still are stored for an extended period. This effectively makes them sugar water.

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