Creamy Greek Yogurt Poppy-Seed Dressing: Try Learning The Recipe-


Creamy Greek Yogurt poppy seed dressing over your favorite salad is a fantastic brunch idea. However one can even take this wonder veg salad as a lunch side dish. Prepare and mix it up with your favorite green salad. And you are good to go. However, the tangy flavor gives an excellent enhancement to the blunt and green food. 

Creamy Greek Yogurt Poppy-Seed Dressing: Try Learning The Recipe-
Creamy Greek Yogurt Poppy-Seed Dressing: Try Learning The Recipe-

Creamy Greek Yogurt: Salad Dressing 

There are people who prefer the creamy and the vinaigrette. Well, I was on the team of vinaigrette. I preferred dressing my salad with vinaigrette. If you don’t believe me, just give it a try. Prepare it once at a dinner party. I assure to you get some inquiry regarding the recipe which you follow to prepare this vinaigrette. 

However, people’s life changes from second to second. Moreover, change is a good thing. And the change in salad dressing should always go for some changes. Therefore I turned lenient towards the creamy variant of salad dressing. Thus one can find this always stocked up in my freezer. 

The poppy dressing recipe comes with a combination of mayo along with the Greek yogurt. The yogurt, along with the inclusion of apple cider, offers the dressing a sweet, subtle tangy taste. However, one can add a bit of honey to naturalize the tangy flavor. This neutralization effect goes fantastic with the options such as spinach along with kale.

To make a simple yet instant example, try preparing and dress the spinach for the time being. Try taking some baby spinach leaves after that top it with some sliced down strawberries along with some chopped nuts. You can choose any nuts you prefer. After that, add a soft cheese with like a goat or feta. Then add some tablespoons of this creamy yogurt after that toss well as per the requirement. 

I am the kind of person who loves preparing their home salad. And therefore I am highly against going for the store-bought dressings found in the shops. This way, I tend to avoid the additives which are present in the ready-made once. Therefore you can even consider this homemade dressing idea as a healthy one. Enough with the creamy yogurt dressing. Now let us look for the methods to prepare this yummy creamy dressing at home

Creamy Greek Yogurt Poppy-Seed Dressing: Try Learning The Recipe-
Creamy Greek Yogurt Poppy-Seed Dressing: Try Learning The Recipe-

The Ingredients List Long With The Preparation To Follow The Make The Dressing

Ingredients list to follow down-

1. Take one-fourth cup of plain Greek yogurt

2. After that take one-fourth cup of mayonnaise

3. After that take one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar

4. Then take two tablespoons of extra virgin olive_oil

5. After that take one tablespoon of honey

6. Then take two tablespoons of a poppy seed.

7. After that take half tablespoons of salt

8. Also, choose one forth tablespoons of black pepper.

Now let us take a look at the directions to prepare the dressing

Place all the above-listed ingredients in the jar. After that shake the jar

When the dressing is ready, keep the jar in the freezer. However, remember to keep them in an airtight jar. 

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